Do you have an issue using high priced office space for your data center?  


Do you have a concern with the amount of resources consumed on non business core activities?

Do you like the continuing need to upgrade staff skills, IT equipment and the equipment environment?

Does all of your Infrastructure Staff have the necessary certifications and regular upgrade training?

Would you like to outsource your infrastructure and and its associated costs?

Would you like to simplify your program and operating systems costs?

Do you need a neutral provider of interconnection and collocation / data center facilities that provide business enabling services?

Do you wand an experienced provider of Cloud and Hybrid cloud services?

Do you want to work with a provider of cloud and hybrid cloud services that has both expedited interconnection AND technical cloud support services?


We can provide you with a customized solution that not only solves your unique problems but that is the best solution for any size project from a single server to a high density cluster to multiple distributed footprints to private cloud services and hosting to public cloud expedited connectivity and technical support services.

Colocation Anywhere offers data center / colocation / cloud / hybrid cloud solutions for companies who need a secure, hardened infrastructure with redundant power and cooling but do not have the resources, budget, or desire to do it in-house. When you colocate your mission-critical business applications in any of our provider network of state-of-the-art data centers, you get the benefit of cost-effective backbone Internet access, power redundancy, 24/7 managed and secure access as well as pricing plans that fit your budget.  When you use these state-of-the-art centers to host your private cloud or interface your hybrid cloud you gain all of the benefits noted plus the advanced connections to the public clouds and the support of staff trained in the technical and administrative complexities of managing cloud services.

Colocation Anywhere can also provide managed services including:

     *Disaster Recovery as a Service

     *Managed Security

     *Managed Data Protection

     *Managed DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Protection Services

     *Remote Hands Services

      *Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management

These services are provided by experienced qualified technical personnel who are dedicated to them on a full time basis.  This leaves you free to focus on your business without the concern of technical issue or the need to devote expensive office space to IT.

Our clients use our broad colocation footprint and rich network of interconnections (some of them specifically designed for cloud interface) in North America (and Europe) to achieve their objectives. 


Our collocation providers achieve the highest customer satisfaction scores for technical and engineering support in the industry. 


Our experienced professionals work closely with you to understand your business, identify your specific challenges, and help you achieve desired goals. 

Let us know what we can do to help you solve your problems.