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Ashburn-Lockridge Data Center

View of Ashburn VA

The Ashburn (VA) - Lockridge Data Center serves the nation's largest data center market.  It is designed to meet rapid, large scale deployments and the Ashburn-Lockridge DC offers one of the most flexible, efficient builds in the region. This campus provides significant capacity to support ongoing growth through its design to meet rapid, large scale deployments.  It is one of the most flexible, efficient campuses in the region. 

The software-defined orchestration platform enables on-demand access to your data center metrics and real-time analytics, anytime, anywhere, from any device. The power of the Software-Defined Data Center is that it provides visibility, real-time control, cloud connectivity and service portability.  The elastic hybrid colocation and hyperscale solutions not only support your current needs, but they allow for growth as your business grows.

The Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is the Industry's first digitized platform that delivers real-time visibility and access to critical colocation infrastructure, product, and operational systems data across all of the group’s deployments on-demand.  It offers one Fully-Integrated API-Driven Platform for Colocation, Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Connectivity.

Operationally, the (SDP) allows customers real-time visibility and access to their critical environments from one fully integrated platform.  It is powered by people who provide industry leading customer service.

The SDP offers Solution Portability that de-risks your IT investment by allowing you to move between different group services and locations during contract terms as your needs change. It also allows you to scale your services from cabinets to private data halls providing service capacity to grow right along with our customers.

Power: Planned 105 MWs of critical power capacity

Space: 28 total acres of owned land enables growth capacity.

Design: Customizable space and power with exponential growth opportunity.

Ashburn-Lockbridge Views