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Ashburn-Broderick Data Center

The Ashburn-Broderick Data center is one of the industry’s most flexible, efficient builds in the Northern Virginia Market. It is located 1 Mile from the Interconnection point and is 4.5 Miles from Dulles International Airport

Totaling 427,320 square feet, 32MW of critical power and direct access to over a dozen carriers the Ashburn (VA) - Broderick Data center is the first full-service data center in the region and is designed to cost effectively meet rapid, large scale deployment needs and offer growing companies a home in one of the nation’s most desirable markets.

Exterior view of Ashton (VA) -  Broderick

Data Center

This Ashburn-Broderick Data center is part of a group built on Intelligent infrastructure. Therefore, no matter how your hybrid IT and cloud evolves, the Intelligent Infrastructure, digitized Service Delivery Platform and software-defined data centers will flex with you to solve any business problem. 

The software-defined orchestration platform enables on-demand access to your data center metrics and real-time analytics, anytime, anywhere, from any device. The power of a Software-Defined Data Center is that it provides visibility, real-time control, cloud connectivity and service portability.  The elastic hybrid colocation and hyperscale solutions not only support your current needs, but they allow for growth as your business grows.

The Hybrid Colocation solution was strategically designed to provide colocation solutions that integrate with the world’s largest public clouds via SDN-enabled connectivity - seamlessly. 


■ Efficient, Innovative Design

■ Fiber rich network

■ Access to data center alley

■ Access to “The Vault” facility


■ 3 story design maximizes capacity within the property line

■ 0.053 dollar/kWH

■ 1.2 Design PUE

■ 174 average W/ sq. ft.


■ 3’ raised floor

■ 12” ceiling height above raised floor

■ Steel frame structure with concrete panel exterior

■ 125mph wind resistant data center


 ■ 427,320 sq. ft. total enclosed space

■ 172,000 sq. ft. of clear span raised floor

■ 3 floor design with 4 data halls each

■ 125mph wind resistant data center


■ (14) Water Cooled Centrifugal Chillers; (2) Plants at N=6+1 Chillers

■ Cooling Towers

■ Chilled Water Piping System

■ 12 hour condenser water storage in interior tanks

■ CRAH’s at N+1 redundancy (with space for N+2)


 ■ 32MW Critical Power - 2.66MW nominal Critical Power per Data Hall - 174 average W/sf

■ N+1 Block or distributed redundant

■ 34.5kV Utility Service

■ (18) 3,000kW Generators at 480V each; (1) House Generator

■ 24 hour fuel supply


■ Located in the heart of the Internet, QTS Ashburn leverages a wide array of carriers across twelve (12) data halls at +14,335 sq. ft. each

■ Available Connectivity includes;

  • Zayo

  • Lightower

  • Earthlink

  • Summit

  • Level (3)

  • Cogent

  • Verizon


  • CenturyLink

  • Nivec

  • FiberLight

  • Shentel

  • Sunesys

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