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Ashburn-Moran Data Center

The Ashburn (VA) - Moran Data Center is a solution for the most secure and federally-compliant minded customers.

Whether you are a federal agency mandated to comply with an array of Federal IT compliance standards or a financial services firm focused on securing client financial data, your ability to navigate through industry-specific compliance standards is critical to maintaining the security and integrity of your deployed IT and cloud solutions. Located near the existing Ashburn - Broderick campus in Dulles, the Ashburn-Moran Data Center site provides significant potential capacity to support the ongoing growth in the nation’s largest and fastest growing Tier 1 data center market.  Located 10 minutes from Dulles International Airport (IAD) and ¼ miles from our Ashburn - Broderick campus and mega data center with direct access to SR-267, SR-28, US-50.


  • 87,000 Sq. Ft. facility

  • 26,820 sq. ft. data center space

  • Ample expansion options in a stable and secure environment

  • Customer office and conference space available on-site


  • 4MW of critical power with options for expansion to 6MW

  • LEED Sliver Certified Power

  • Configuration options: N, N+1, 2N+1

  • Four 4MW of primary UPS power

  • Two 2MW of reserved UPS power

  • Two primary engine generators at 3MW/unit

  • Additional 3MW EG for reserve

  • 2 MW Nominal critical power per data hall

  • 24 hour fuel supply


  • 8 AAON RTUs for critical environment space

  • 6 Trane RTUs for electrical rooms

  • Fully automated Building Management System providing remote indications and operations capabilities

  • EPMS monitoring for electrical systems


  • On-Net Carrier Partners: 5


    • CenturyLink

    • Cogent Communications

    • Comcast

    • Fiberlight

    • Hurricane Electric

    • Megaport

    • PacketFabric

    • SummitIG

    • Verizon

    • Zayo Connectivity Solutions

  • SDN Providers: Megaport, PacketFabric

  • Proprietary Switchboard - seamless, on-demand connectivity to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud via Switchboard

  • Proprietary Internet Connect

  • Proprietary Cross Connect – online ordering available Cloud Connectivity

  • Carrier Hotel: Ashburn, VA

  • Multiple options to reach any cloud based on your timeline, budget and capacity requirements including

    • Alibaba Cloud

    • AWS

    • Google Cloud

    • Microsoft Azure

    • IBM Cloud

    • Oracle Cloud

    • Salesforce


  • Man Trap entry

  • Video Monitoring and Recording

  • Fiber Vault

  • Motion Detection Hand Geometry readers

  • 24x7x365 Armed Security Guard

  • Outer perimeter security fencing

  • Fixed and pan-tilt-zoom cameras covering property

  • Single entry point with gated access

  • Circle-lock mantrap data hall entrance

  • X-ray machines Compliance 


  • SOC 1

  • SOC 2

  • PCI

  • ISO 27001



Switchboard Interconnection Service:  Allows customers to connect with an ecosystem of data centers, carriers and AWS, Azure and Google clouds in minutes.  Powered by a digitized API-driven Service Delivery Platform, Switchboard enables seamless, self-service provisioning to a multitude of destinations, from a single dedicated port.

The Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is the Industry's first digitized platform that delivers real-time visibility and access to critical colocation infrastructure, product, and operational systems data across all of the group’s deployments on-demand.  It offers one Fully-Integrated API-Driven Platform for Colocation, Cloud, and Connectivity.

Access to support and maintenance professionals 24x7x365 allows customers to "De-Risk Finances" and reduce company investments in non-core business assets to shift capital to primary business needs.


Ashburg-Moran exterior

Ashburg-Moran Hybrid Colocation