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Cloud computing has been defined (by Wikipedia) as “the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user.”

“The goal of cloud computing is to allow users to take benefit from all of these technologies, without the need for deep knowledge about or expertise with each one of them. The cloud aims to cut costs, and helps the users focus on their core business instead of being impeded by IT obstacles.[42] The main enabling technology for cloud computing is virtualization. Virtualization software separates a physical computing device into one or more "virtual" devices, each of which can be easily used and managed to perform computing tasks. With operating system–level virtualization essentially creating a scalable system of multiple independent computing devices, idle computing resources can be allocated and used more efficiently. Virtualization provides the agility required to speed up IT operations, and reduces cost by increasing infrastructure utilization. Autonomic computing automates the process through which the user can provision resources on-demand. By minimizing user involvement, automation speeds up the process, reduces labor costs and reduces the possibility of human errors.”

This methodology can be utilized by an enterprise on site or in a data center it may also be a commercially provided service.

The integrated cloud, hybrid, IaaS, PaaS, DRaaS, AWS Management and compliance solutions are built for enterprises whose challenges include:

• Dealing with complexity issues involving infrastructure limitations, legacy apps, and interoperability

• Properly allocating resources, including staff, time, and budget

• Overcoming internal politics, especially misconceptions about the cloud

• Addressing security and/or regulatory compliance concerns

• The unexpected costs that escalate from the hyperscale promise that you can go it alone

They are also built for enterprises who want to simplify their environment, reduce complexity and focus on their core business rather than in-house IT.