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Eemshaven Data Center

Eemshaven Netherlands View

Strategically located in the Green Data Port of Eemshaven Netherlands, home to the largest wind park on Dutch soil, the Eemshaven Data Center is in a unique location with multiple megawatts of available power including a mix of renewable energy sources.  The Eemshaven Data Center has access to over 8,000MW of electrical power, including green energy sources.  Also, Eemshaven is home to the landfall of global fiber optic submarine cable network and the high-capacity Netherlands to UK subsea cable.

Located 37 km north of the Groningen Data Center, Eemshaven features 113,000 sq. ft. of white space with immediate capacity available.  The Data Center has 36MW of total utility power.

View of the Eemshaven NL Data Center


  • 113,000 sq. ft. of white space

  • Adjacent owned land enables future growth capacity


  • Cooling designed in an N+1 configuration

  • 10 centrifugal chillers and cooling towers

  • 146 CRAH units

  • Fully automated building management system providing control, monitoring and alarm of critical building functions

  • Water-side economizers provide free cooling during low temperature ambient conditions


  • Security guards on-site 24x7x365

  • Closed circuit video cameras provide extensive coverage of interior and exterior building areas


  • 36MW utility power (2N)

  • 24 MW total critical power capacity dependent on configuration

  • Configuration options: N, 2N N+1

  • 21 DRUPS units and 26 generators provide minimum 24 hour backup coverage

  • Abundant green energy options available


  • Landfall point for high-capacity Netherlands to UK subsea cable

  • Direct link to the GN-IX (Groningen Internet Exchange)

  • Linked with Amsterdam Internet Exchange through dark fiber connection

  • Fiber optic connections available

The power of a Software-Defined Data Center is that it provides visibility, real-time control, cloud connectivity and service portability.  The elastic hybrid colocation and hyperscale solutions not only support your current needs, but they allow for growth as your business grows.