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Hillsboro - Portland Data Center

Designed to meet rapid, large scale deployments and offering one of the most flexible, efficient campuses in the region, this Data center is located just 20 minutes outside Portland, Oregon on a 100% green energy capable campus. The mega scale campus offers flexibility to meet rapid, large scale deployments and the campus provides significant capacity to support ongoing growth

Hillsboro-Portland Skyline

Hillsboro-Portland Data Center Exterior

Status Lights


  • Planned 108MWs of critical power capacity.



  • 92 total acres of owned land enables growth capacity.



  • Customizable space and power with exponential growth opportunity.

This Data Center is part of a group built on Intelligent infrastructure. Therefore, no matter how your hybrid IT and cloud evolves, the Intelligent Infrastructure, digitized Service Delivery Platform and software-defined data centers will flex with you to solve any business problem.