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Jersey City Data Center

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Jersey City Skyline

Located just six miles from Manhattan, the 120,000 sq. ft. (with 23,500 sq. ft. leasable office space and 3 MW critical  power capacity)  Jersey City NJ Data Center provides a crucial and convenient presence in the tristate area where data center space is highly coveted, given the proximity requirements and strong demand from the financial services market.

This carrier neutral Data Center features stable power fed from diverse substations with three diverse points of entry for the numerous in-house carriers and has dedicated reliable high bandwidth connectivity to the 111 8th Ave. Carrier Hotel in Manhattan.  The center’s convenient location is 6 Miles from Manhattan, 17 minutes by train, from the World Trade Center and 6 minutes, by car, from the Holland tunnel.

Both Cloud Services and Managed Services are available to augment your current and future operations and the center features carrier-neutral connectivity to multiple (local, fiber and Internet) network providers and seven major cloud providers.  Additionally, the center is staffed and monitored 24x7x365 by experienced engineers.

Jersey City Data Center Exterior


  • 120,000 sq. ft. facility

  • 51,000 sq. ft. data center footprint

  • 31,500 sq. ft. raised floor

  • 23,500 sq. ft. leasable office space

  • 19 story concrete structure with reinforced steel

  • Three diverse points of entry for numerous in-house carriers

  • Dedicated, reliable high bandwidth connectivity to carrier hotel NYC

  • LEED Gold Certified


  • Configuration Option: N+1

  • 3MW of critical power capacity

  • 4 UPS units

  • 3 generators with 6,000 gallons of fuel on site

  • Power to facility is provided via dual feeds originating from 2 separate substations


  • N+1 dry cooling plant; Redundant piping systems for Glycol

  • Generator backup for cooling system provided by two 1.25MW generators

  • Leak detection under all raised floor; Drains are utilized to remove any water from under floor

  • WonderWare monitoring for electrical systems

  • Fully automated Building Management System providing remote indications and operations capabilities



  • AT&T

  • CenturyLink

  • Cogent Communications

  • Crown Castle

  • Lightpath

  • PacketFabric

  • Spectrum

  • Verizon Business

  • Verizon

  • Zayo Group Connectivity Solutions

  • Proprietary InternetConnect

  • Proprietary CrossConnect – online ordering available Cloud Connetivity

  • Multiple options to reach any cloud based on your timeline, budget and capacity requirements including:

  • Alibaba Cloud,

  • AWS,

  • Google Cloud,

  • Microsoft Azure,

  • IBM Cloud,

  • Oracle Cloud,

  • Salesforce

  • Easy access to local carrier hotel(s)


  • All building entrances require card key access; data center floor and secured areas require card key and biometric authentication; dedicated elevators to the Data Center space

  • Closed circuit video cameras cover Data Center entrances, alternate workspace and data center floor

  • Security guards on-site 24x7x365

  • Concrete bollards surround multi-story building

  • High-rise building - single point of entry at turnstile to the upper floors, Dual readers


• SOC 1

• SOC 2



• ISO 27001


Data Center Service Delivery Platform

The Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is the Industry's first digitized platform that delivers real-time visibility and access to critical colocation infrastructure, product, and operational systems data across all of the group’s deployments on-demand.  It offers one Fully-Integrated API-Driven Platform for Colocation, Cloud, and Connectivity.