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Piscataway Data Center

Piscataway Data Center

The Piscataway Data Center is one of the largest world-class data centers in the Greater Metro New York area, as such Piscataway is an ideal home for your IT assets and applications. This infrastructure-rich, purpose-built facility delivers the right mix of space, power and security.

Boasting close proximity to the U.S. financial center, the Piscataway Data Center hosts access to the NY/NJ metro area's leading Internet Exchange, DE-IX New York. The site has three diverse, underground fiber entry laterals and offers fiber connectivity to the Jersey City & Princeton Data Centers for business continuity.  The Piscataway Data center is connected to seven major public cloud providers.

The Piscataway Data Center has 360,000 sq. ft. of total space, with 26 MW of critical power capacity (with options for expansion).  It is served by a dedicated on-site substation and has 18.2 MW of UPS power.  There is 2MW of on-site solar power at the site which utilizes 100% renewable sourced power.  The Piscataway Data center is an energy efficient, LEED Gold certified data center.

The Piscataway Data Center is a Point of Presence for the Amsterdam Internet Exchange.  It is Open-IX certified and has 16 On-Net Carrier partners.  The site has on-site SDN Provider in PacketFabric and provides proprietary Switchboard Interconnection service, interConnect and crossConnect services.  For service, the center has 4 loading docks with bays and boasts a rooftop rainwater collection system. Lastly, the Data Center is on a 38 acre campus with 200+ parking spaces and is located minutes from Newark Liberty International Airport.


  • 360,000 sq. ft. facility

  • 176,000 sq. ft. raised floor

  • 6,519 sq. ft. leasable office space

  • 44,000 sq. ft. available for future development

  • LEED Gold Certified

  • On-site rainwater collection system

  • 4 loading docks with bays


  • AT&T

  • Cablevision

  • CenturyLink

  • Constant

  • Cogent Communications

  • Cross River Fiber

  • Crown Castle

  • DE-CIX New York

  • Hurricane Electric

  • Lightpath

  • MOX Networks

  • Net2EZ

  • PacketFabric

  • Universal eBusiness

  • Verizon

  • Verizon Business

  • XO Communications

  • Zayo


  • Switchboard™ Interconnection Service

  • internetConnect

  • crossConnect - online ordering available


  • Secure perimeter fencing

  • Guardhouse checkpoint at property entry

  • Fixed and pan-tilt-zoom cameras covering property and entry points

  • Card reader access at building entrance

  • Biometric and iris scan required to enter data hall through the security vestibule

  • Security guards on-site 24x7x365


  • Configuration options: N+2, 2N

  • 26MW of critical power capacity, expandable to 34MW

  • 18.2MW of UPS power, 16 units in an N+2 configuration

  • 16 generators

  • 2MW of on-site solar panel power

  • 100,000 gallons of fuel on site

  • Utilizing 100% renewable sourced power

  • Over 6,000-ton of cooling in an N+2 configuration

  • Fully automated Building Management System providing remote indications and operations capabilities

  • 8 cooling towers

  • 222 CRAH units

  • WonderWare/EPMS monitoring for electrical systems

  • Leak detection monitoring

CLOUD CONNECTIVITY: The Connectivity Portfolio & SDN-Based Carriers enable access to:

  • 1G to 10G connectivity

  • Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)

  • Hosted Private Cloud Sites

  • Multiple public cloud platforms, including

    • Alibaba Cloud,

    • AWS,

    • Google Cloud Platform,

    • Microsoft Azure,

    • IBM Cloud,

    • Oracle Cloud

    • Salesforce


  • SOC 1

  • SOC 2


  • PCI

  • ISO 27001


The Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is the Industry's first digitized platform that delivers real-time visibility and access to critical colocation infrastructure, product, and operational systems data across all of the group’s deployments on-demand.  It offers one Fully-Integrated API-Driven Platform for Colocation, Cloud, and Connectivity.